Video and Film Production

Current Affairs


  • Race to the Red Planet (2018. Millstream Films. Co Producer, Co Author, 3-part series) Discovery Channel. Distributed by Espresso Media International
  • After Brexit, the Battle for Europe (2016, Location Producer) BBC TWO
  • The House of the Vodka Bears (2016. Millstream Films. Producer) Der Spiegel TV "Wissen"
  • The Great Conclave (2013 Millstream Films. Co producer, Co author)
  • Red Zone: Amatrice Earthquake (2016 Millstream Films, Co Producer, Co Author)
  • Fatal Shock: Emilia Earthquake (2013. Fact TV, Co Producer, Co Author)
  • The Color of Conscience: Human Rights in Idaho (2011. Idaho Public Television. Interviewee) 



  • The Murder of Meredith Kercher / Amanda Knox Saga (Director)   BBC3, Amazon Prime Video
  • Costa Concordia: The Whole Story (2013. Millstream Films. Co Producer, Co Author, for Discovery International)
  • Crime: Crossing the Line  (2011. 0951 Films. 10-episodes, Researcher, Narrator) AETN Crime and Investigation Network
  • L'altra Meta del Crimine (2012. 0951 Films. presenter) La7
  • Monster of Florence A & E Biography (2010. New Dominion Pictures. Interviewee)

Ship Salvage & Heavy Lift


SALVAGE MASTERS:  13 episodes in an ongoing Millstream Films original series about  exciting ship salvage on the high seas. Currently being broadcast in Europe on Discovery Channel, as well as in Asia. Distribution: Espresso Media International. (Co-Producer)

HEAVY LIFT:  10 episodes in a successful ongoing Millstream Films series about the big engineering behind lifting, moving and transporting enormous objects.  Currently broadcast on Discovery Channel (DMAX) in Europe, Spiegel TV and distributed internationally. (Co producer) 



LETHAL CARGO: A 4-part series of investigative documentaries about the deadly  trafficking of people, waste, drugs and weapons in the Mediterranean Sea. Worldwide distribution.  (2016 Millstream Films. Co Producer, Co Author). Worldwide distribution by Autentic 



Andrea Vogt is a filmmaker and co founder of Millstream Films and Media, an independent video and film production company that specializes in documentary productions. 

Travel & Lifestyle


  • Venice: The Whole Story (2015 Co-producer, Co-author) Amazon Prime Video 
  • Relic Wine Hunters: Secrets of the Aegean (2016. Millstream Films, Co-Producer, Co-Author)
  • Relic Wine Hunters: Secrets of Sicily (2016. Millstream Films, Co-Producer, Co-Author)
  • In the Shadow of Volcanos (2016. Millstream Films, Co-Producer, Co-Author, 5-part series). 

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