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Andrea Vogt is an independent journalist, author and documentary filmmaker who reports on crime, politics and social affairs in Europe and the U.S. 
Her news reporting and documentary video and film productions are regularly published and broadcast in  top-tier global media outlets. She is an Idaho native and  outdoor enthusiast, fluent in English, Italian and German.  She is based in Bologna, Italy. 




A Fulbright Scholar in journalism with 25 years field experience, she's covered crime, international trafficking, current affairs, politics, natural disasters as well as countless inspiring human endeavors.  Her dispatches have appeared internationally in all platforms, including The Telegraph, The Guardian, The Week, The Independent, BBC World News and BBC World Service.  She is a regular "Italy Desk" contributor on BBC 5 Live.   




Founding partner of  Millstream Films & Media, an independent documentary film production company that has produced more than 60 films for a diverse array of clients, including Discovery Channel, BBC, History Channel, A & E Crime and Investigation and Der Spiegel TV.   Experienced presenter, director, producer and scriptwriter.

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